About Us

The Social Project is a grassroots program uniting communities by changing the way we use social media to tackle social issues. At The Social Project, we don't see differences as a reason to not work with people, we see it as an opportunity to learn something new.  In today's world, we seem to believe that if people don't believe in the same things as we do then they must be up to no good.  How can you trust people whose worldviews look so much different than yours?  Trust is not given but earned and through this process, if you are truly working on earning someone's trust, you will find that those differences are not as important as you may have thought.  

An Important aspect of The Social Project is we accept that people can be selfish and deceitful as well as caring and trusting.  Behaviors and attitudes can be changed through simple social interactions, ones that are not based on pitting other people against each other but by creating an environment that challenges people to work together to figure out life's challenges. 

This is an evolving project that will change as more people get involved but our core values will remain the same for as long as those values are still relevant.